What Areas of Your Property Can Benefit from Pressure Washing?

Just Clean Property Care has been providing services such as Driveway power washing Wigan, conservatory cleaning, roof cleaning and much more for several years now.

It is around the time of year that driveway power was cleaning becomes one of our most popular services for home owners wanting to prepare their homes for summer.

But what over parts of your property can benefit from power washing?

Read our latest blog post to find out.


Has the brickwork on your home become grubby, covered in dust and generally unpleasant? Has moss began to grow between your brickwork and become an unsightly mess?

Contact Just clean today, your provider of driveway power washing Wigan, and we will be able to visit your home to blast your brickwork and return it to its original state.

High pressure jet washing will be able to make a huge difference to your property’s brickwork.

Wooden Fencing and Posts

The wooden fencing in your garden may need a spruce up in time for summer, you may however, not think of power washing as the solution.

Power washing, if done on a lower setting, can be effective without risking your wooden fencing’s structural integrity.

Our team use low pressure and soft washing to blast away grime without damaging your property and can inject some life into your tired and worn out wooden fencing.

Decking and Patios

Again, something you may want to consider before summer, power washing is a great way to blast away the grime from your decking and patio, creating the perfect environment to enjoy this coming summer.

Our power driveway washing Wigan team can visit your home, at which point they will assess the extent of your decking or patio’s discolour and grime problem and recommend the required level of pressure to blast it clean.

Sheds and Outhouses

 Do you have a dingy looking shed or outhouse at the end of your garden? Has it become discoloured and caked in grime over the years?

You might not think to do this, but pressure washing is the perfect solution and will leave your sheds and outhouses looking as great as the day they were first built in next to no time.

Speak to your driveway power washing Wigan experts today to book a time for us to transform your outhouse.


The classic use for pressure washing, driveway power washing Wigan blasts away all the dirt, grime, motor oil, moss, algae and other offending material that plagues your home’s driveway.

If you want to make your driveway look great in next to no time, this is the choice for you.

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