Extending Your House? It’s Time To Consider Self Storage

If you are planning on extending your house it’s a great idea to make the most of a self storage service…

These days many people will renovate a house and extend the property rather than move home. This can often happen when a family loves the area they live in, because they feel part of the community or it is convenient for schools, shopping and work. But they haven’t got the space they need in the current layout of the house.

Extending a property is a great way to create more useable space in a property and it can often raise its value too. The only downside is the stress and mess associated with an extension. The building work can often overrun, the costs can keep growing, and the mess in the rest of the property can be really destructive.

Self Storage Can Help

One thing that can help with the process of extending is self storage. It’s a little bit of support to lean on when things feel a chaotic. Here’s how this excellent service can help you if you’re extending your property:

Somewhere To Store Valuables

Whilst you might trust the workers you hire to do the extension on your home, you can never be too careful when having strangers in your house. As self storage unit can be as small as a gym locker, so it’s easy to store jewellery and collectibles at an affordable price until your home is secure again.

A Way To Keep Things Clean

No matter how careful you are with dust screens and sheets, debris from a building extension gets everywhere. To keep your possessions dust free, place them into a secure storage unit. Items like curtains, furniture, electronics, soft furnishings and ornaments are all best placed in storage in order to protect them during building works.

Stopping Breakages

The vibrations running through the house and different people going in and out all leave your possessions liable to breakages. If you have anything particularly precious or expensive that you know could be vulnerable, pop it into your storage unit for safe-keeping.

Making Space

You’ll need to make space for building materials within you home and when works are completed for decorating. This is all best done in clear rooms with no large furniture in the way. So use larger self storage units perfect for dining tables, sofas or beds during renovations.

Creating Better Functionality For Temporary Living Space

When a family is in the midst of renovations they sometimes have to change the way they live in their home. Maybe family members have to share fewer bedrooms or bathrooms. Perhaps the kitchen is part of a new extension and so the playroom has to become a makeshift space for preparing food. Whatever your temporary living space looks like, off-site storage can always help. It allows you to create space by giving you somewhere to put your furniture safely.

New Decor Storage

Your new space will most likely need new furniture and maybe new kitchen cupboards and appliances. Maybe a new bath tub, new tiles or hardwood floor, and there’s no doubt you’ll want to get cracking buying those items long before the extension is finished. Whatever your style whether it’s rustic, minimalist or a luxury décor style, your self storage unit gives you somewhere to store all your new purchases until it’s time to pop them into their new spot.

Help Your Extension Build Run Smoothly

Having an extension on your home is a great idea, but it is important to utilise all available services to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.