Having a swimming pool in your house is a great idea. Swimming pools give many benefits, such as relaxation after a long day, children can have fun you can throw a pool party in your house and others can do other activities. A new kind of swimming pool trend is known as infinity pools. This is basically a swimming pool just in your backyard having a thin edge. Infinity pools also have different names, such as zero edge or negative edge swimming pools. Unlike other swimming pools, these kinds of pools look like a waterfall from your house. In this article, you will learn more about infinity pools.

What is an infinity pool?

An infinity pool is basically based on the concept that when you see it, you will get an optical illusion such that one edge is not visible from the other side of the pool. It will look like the water comes to an end at the edge of the pool.

What is there at the edge of the infinity pool?

The water actually flows from the edge of a basin. In the basin, the water of the swimming pool is recollected and again transferred to the pool. This loop continues, and there is a continuous water flowing mechanism in the pool.

What is the estimated cost of the infinity pool?

The main cost for constructing an infinity swimming pool depends on the captivity and the type of edge. It also depends on the design, which will create an optical illusion that will be more attractive. To restrict the water from flowing in the wrong direction, you will also need a vacuum basin and a filter to get rid of the leaves, germs, dirt, and other unnecessary particles. If you want to add a typical fiberglass pool edging, then it will cost around $30,000 to $40,000. For more customization, such as negative edge, it will cost up to $80,000.

Is an infinity edge safe for swimming?

An infinity swimming pool is totally safe for swimming. If you are worried about the edge, then you must know that the edge is made in a way that you get an optical illusion. So need to worry about the edge; when you try to swim to the edge, you be stopped by the wall.


Hope this by reading this article you got to know about infinity pools. Infinity pools are a totally new concept in today’s world. You can make one of those with the budget and enjoy it with your family and friends by having a good time with them.

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