Construction Of The House Is An Art – The Demolition Of The House and Buildings Is Also An Art

Commercial Demolition: Breaking of the house in a systematic manner is known as Demolition. The demolition of the commercial building is the most challenging one and required skilled workforce. Accurate Demolishing prepared a detailed commercial demolition estimates report and then goes ahead to implement the project. The project has high rise buildings, Single buildings, Business establishments, Malls, business houses and others. We have undertaken the blasting of large industrial complexes, IT parks under the toughest of the conditions. We have the equipment to do the job and state of the art system makes sure that the service provided is of high quality, environmentally friendly and efficient. Residential Demolition: The demolition of the building is the major work done by Accurate Demolishing does holes drilling work, grouting work, slab cutting work and others for our valuable clients. It will consist of bringing down the apartments, flats, row houses, Dupleix and Independent houses causing less impact in the neighbourhood. It will also consist of strip outs where in the removal of walls, floor, roof and sheds take place. We remove the load bearing walls and steel beam installations.

Water Tank Demolition: Accurate Demolishing specializes in the concept of demolition of the water tanks. We measure the overhead tank first empty the water in tank and then plan the events leading to demolition in a systematic manner. RCC Demolition: RCC is a concrete consisting of steel and reinforcement bars Accurate Demolishing is good at RCC demolitions and we have experienced personnel to do the job. We demolish the RCC structures, heavy concrete structures, partition RCC walls. We use the electrical jack hammers and extension hammers, hydrogen porcelain hammers to get the job done. Interior Demolition : Accurate Demolishing takes pride in offering interior demotion to its clients. We have expertise in destroying the commercial buildings, laboratories, hospitals, factories and others. We are equipped to do slab removal, line/duct cleaning, moving hazardous materials, dismantling of the structure and others. It is done taking into account the dust control, occupational safety and reducing the noise pollution.Demolishing is pioneer like Strip outs, Brownfields redevelopment, Gut outs, Interior demolition, selling used equipments, boiler demolition, footing, core cutting and the environmental services