What to Look for in a Truck Hauling Job

So you’ve decided you want to be a truck driver and have already completed training and passed your CDL. The next step is to find a job. The right company pays you well, offers benefits and puts safety first. However, a company that doesn’t seem so bad may not put these things as priorities. These tips can help you find a solid company to work for and avoid some of the sketchier jobs out there.


As with any job search, do your research for North Dakota hauling jobs. Look on reputable websites for jobs. Before you apply for a job, do a little research on the company itself. Do they have bad reviews? If so, for what and how did they address them? The Better Business Bureau can provide some insight into the company. Some reviews may be from past employees who report negatively on an otherwise quality company because they were unhappy with the consequences of their own mistakes. Read reviews from a variety of websites including customers to get an overall view of the company.


What size company do you want to work for? There are many pros and cons to working for the small guy as well as the large hauling companies. Some companies treat you like another number, while others value their truck drivers offering substantial perks such as company housing. Some large companies may even pay for your training. Look into their wage scales. Sometimes a big company is great to start with and then move to a smaller guy as you have more experience. It all depends on what you as an employee need from the company and the available jobs.


Don’t neglect to ask around to other drivers for their experiences with a particular company. With any company, there are bound to be some bad experiences, but most should be positive for the company you choose. You are likely to work with the drivers at said company for a while, so be mindful of that as you ask them questions. Can you see yourself working with those employees day in and out? If so, that may speak well for that company.


Sometimes the right job comes down to pay. If you are freshly out of training, you may have fewer options available to you. However, if you have years of experience, you should be compensated for that experience with a quality wage. Look beyond the actual pay to the benefits the company offers as well. Some offer insurance after so many days, some offer company housing and some offer fixed shifts.