Types of built-in cabinets that you can install in your house

Cabinets are obviously for storage purposes in a house, and you can blend them with your interior design. When installed properly, they can completely transform the look of your home and provide additional space for storing away your items.

The type and design of the cabinet to go for may depend on a range of factors including what you want to use them for. Here are some five types of in-built cabinets you can install on a building, whether you are undertaking a new project or doing a refurbishment.

  1. Built-In TV Cabinet: This kind of cabinet is wall-hung and looks just like a wall but provides plenty of space. The kind of design will help keep all the wires and cables out of sight. You can customize the TV cabinet with lights and cut-outs to make it more interesting and not plain. The cut-out serves as a small display area with small lights attached.

It will ensure that the living room does not appear too fancy.

  1. Built-in Kitchen Cabinet: These types of cabinets are present in almost all the houses in Singapore because kitchens in HDB blocks are small and home owners want to make the most out of the available space.

These cabinets feature lot of sliders, pan holders and drawers in order to have as much storage space as possible.

The most popular ones are those that have built-in under-cabinet range hood and toaster oven. However, some do not buy this type of built-in cabinets as they believe it could be spoiled with frequent cooking but you can prevent that by installing an under-cabinet range hood in the cabinet.

  1. Built-in Wardrobe: These kinds of wardrobes can be as big as you wish and can even touch the ceiling and cover the whole of your bedroom wall.

In addition to making your room appear large enough, this kind can help create more space for your house. Installing sliding door to create a more sleek finish to your room compared to basic hinged doors. It is possible to place a television inside your wardrobe in order to save space and reduce dust because the television set will stay behind the doors most of the time.

  1. Built-in Bookshelf: This is a built-in bookshelf that is considerable for those who love reading. Installing a built-in bookshelf is more considerable compared to a simple free-standing bookshelf. You can also customize the bookshelf by designing and allocating the size, shape and color. These bookshelves are much stronger and you do not have to worry about over-packing as it will not fall.
  2. Built-in Bathroom Cabinet: You are able to store toiletries and wash basin inside built-in bathroom cabinets. You can avoid them taking a lot of space by attaching the cabinet to the wash basin. This can also help you hide the unsightly look of the drain pipe attached to it. You can also save space for the cabinet by installing a mirror door. You can also choose these cabinets from a wide range of materials and colors.