Top things people look for when purchasing a house

We have compiled a list of things people will look for when looking to buy a house. This list will vary depending on your budget and location that you are looking in as well access to amenities in the local area.

The first thing you see when you get to a house is the driveway or parking situation as you pull up in your vehicle.  This is a huge bonus for a lot of people especially if they have children as unloading all the equipment and accessories you have safely is a priority.

It also means your car is off the road and avoids all passing vehicles which means less damage.  You will also always have a space outside your own house and we all know how annoying it is when you have to park 7 spaces away to carry the shopping back.

The next thing people look for is a certain amount of bedrooms for example three seems to be a popular number.  Three bedrooms is enough for most people as one double for them, a second bed for any children you have and a third for a storage room, dressing room or spare if you have more children in the future.  Size is definitely important when it comes to the main room, fitted wardrobes and windows.

How many bathrooms does it have? Has it got a family bathroom upstairs and a smaller bathroom downstairs with just a toilet and tap. This is really handy for families of three or more, especially when it comes to the morning getting up routine. It also means someone can be having a bath and the other bathroom can still be used.

Garden size – Has it got a good size back garden with grass, flowers, room for a patio, storage area or shed.  Is it fenced off with good quality panels so there is no chance of children getting out or more importantly burglars coming in.  Could you fit childrens play equipment out there like swings or a slide.

You will also look for a quality Conveyancing Solicitors Birmingham company to do all your legal paperwork from the start of your buying process to the end and all you have to do is search for links like

Extra nice – Some people want more than just the bog standard house and will look for five bedrooms, a swimming pool, a gym, a converted attic, ensuite bathrooms in all rooms and a big kitchen diner.