Tapioca wood-natural source of sola wood flowers

Its human nature to look around in his environment and seek for things that are beneficial for them. Years ago, when man used to live in caves, there was no need of getting groomed since they didn’t realize the importance of being so. Later, after civilization, when people build communities and started living together, they initiate with grooming themselves and enhancing the beauty of their homes by natural sources such as flowers. Later on, after exploring the environment they started noticing a tree whose bark they tried to use after so many trial and error practices for making hand made wood flowers. The wood bark that they used is called tapioca wood. Even the plant is best known to give gummy mass which is employed for several purposes. As far as the flowers are concerned, they have some amazing features that you simply cannot find anywhere else. So, now as the most punching question where do sola wood flowers come from is answered briefly, let’s move ahead to what other things these flowers offer like how to make sola wood flowers and how to store sola wood flowers, above all, what are its uses, etc.

How to make sola wood flowers

This is one of the most repeated questions that we face. Yet, it is simple but needs detailing as well. Sola wood flowers can be made within no time by simple steps, concentration, and hand-on practice. People have earned a lot with this. All you need to follow certain basic steps like:

  • Make shavings out of wood
  • Cut down them into small pieces
  • Choose your desired shape of a flower
  • Strat from the central most curl and move outside later
  • Stay limited with your petals
  • Still them together by using hot glue
  • Add on desired colors and fragrances
  • Polish them by using brightening aid
  • Set them aside for few hours
  • Try to stem your wood flowers by using 18-gauge wire or any other that suits you better

These are all simple steps that you can try to initiate your sola wood flowers. Therefore, you need not worry about how to male sola wood flowers because now, you already know this.

How to store sola wood flowers

There is no long list of stored procedures. You need to be simple and handy. Try to save sola wood flowers like anything you save at home. Here are some points you need to focus on:

  • Do not expose your wood flowers to extreme temperatures
  • Sprinkle drops of water every two to three months
  • Spray any pesticides, if you think your flowers are at the stake of attack by mites
  • Try not to crumble your flowers

Uses of sola wood flowers

Now as you have got details of where do sola wood flowers come from, all you need to see the benefits that they offer. Some of these are listed as follows:

  • Big source to earn business
  • Can be offered as a gift
  • Can be used in decorations in events
  • Can be used as bridal bouquets
  • Can be used to add beauty to your homes


Sola wood flowers are perfect in every way because of the source they are obtained from. You can try to make your sola wood flowers now because you know everything about it and there is no reason to lag.