Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Everybody loves a big home. However, at some point in your stay in your house, you end up feeling that your home is not as spacious as it used to feel. Sometimes it is a result of your family growing, additional furniture, and so on. While there is the option of expanding your home, it is expensive and sometimes not even achievable.

The good thing is that some modifications you can do in your house can make space feel bigger. Here are some ideas.

  1. Add more storage

Sometimes a home looks small due to clutter. Putting away the clutter and having your items organized will go a long way in creating more space. The best way to go about it is by installing hanging shelves and cabinets in different rooms in your house. You can use wood products from for DIY shelves in the living room and cabinets for the bathroom to provide additional space for storing books and towels and shower items if it is the bathroom.

Shelves and cabinets will help you keep away items that you feel are making your house cluttered.

  1. Change up your paint

Paint also has a role to play in how spacious your house looks or feels. Warm colors and light paint colors like white will make your house look big. On the other hand, dark-colored paints create a receding effect and will make your house look smaller.

Light paint has light-bouncing abilities, which create an illusion of space.

  1. Include mirrors in your interior décor

If you wonder why most homes nowadays do not lack a mirror piece in their décor, you have the answer. Apart from their beauty and decorative effect, mirrors are loved for the ability to reflect surfaces and bounce off light, hence making a room look bigger than it is.

When using mirrors to make your home look bigger, the larger mirrors are always better as they reflect larger surfaces and reflect more light. The amount of light that a room has also determined if it will look cramped or spacious. The brighter a room is, the bigger it looks. Mirrors also increase the house’s brightness by reflecting natural light from outside and the one from artificial lighting fixtures.

  1. Get rid of clutter

Apart from the small items that need to be organized on shelves, the bulky clutter makes your house look awfully small. You need to get rid of any items that are in duplicate, and not using. These could be a sofa or any other piece of furniture.

Get rid of busy wall art to achieve a minimalist design, which makes a room airier. Or simply plant some greens. It’s really easy to transform your HDB into your dream home.

Take away

There are tons of budget-friendly modifications that you can do to your space to make it airy and inviting. You can use scaled furniture, add lighting to your house, and install minimalist wall art to make your house look bigger. When it comes to creating airy spaces, less is more.