See why you need to add peel and stick wallpaper to your DIY projects this year

To cope up with the lightning-fast world, where we keep getting instant change of mind and ideas; peel and stick wallpaper are perfect solution to our selection problem when it comes to DIY wallpapers. Not just these are super easy and handy but time saving and cost effective too.

A Brief History Of Wallpapers:

The concept of wallpapers was famous in the ancient times as well when Kings and Queens use to get their cultural art printed in the form of wallpaper in their palaces on stone walls.

Tapestries which mas made from a fabric or an animal skin was the type of wallpaper that was quite prevalent at that time as is peel and stick wallpaper right now. Stone printing was particularly installed on the walls at that time to depict the royalty.

New And The Most Prevailing Trends Of Wallpapers:

Base and highlighter shades wallpapers are extremely eye-catching and support the purpose.

  • Base shade wallpapers are generally lighter in colour such as yellow, tea pink or green peel and stick wallpaper, with light textures and maximum artificial designs like floral designs etc.
  • On contrary, highlighter wallpapers are heavy wallpapers with heavy shades, heavy textures and dark colours like the designs of brick and stones.
  • Customized wallpapers also fall under the category of highlighter wallpapers.


Peel and stick wallpapers do not just add to the beauty of your walls and make the decor super easy but are available in wide variety of colours and ranges so you can definitely get the one that suits your purpose the most, and as they’re easily peeled and stuck you can save the labour and apply it yourself too, unlike conventional wallpapers those are difficult to operate and paste plus need a proper handling otherwise can be disastrous to your decor.