The Benefits And Limitations Of Prefabricated Home

Houses don’t always have to be built traditionally. Now those days are gone when people used to make their homes on the construction site and wait for months for the project to get finished, and then they can finally move into their dream house. Nowadays there is a trend of prefabricated homes.

The prefabricated homes are also called modular houses, and they are made in the factory. These houses are not built on the construction site and are much faster to assemble as compared to the traditional homes. There are many advantages and disadvantages of modular homes, and we are going to discuss them today.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and limitations of prefabricated homes.

Benefits Of Prefabricated Homes

 1. Durable

Modular homes are much more durable and strong in structure as compared to the traditionally built houses. The best thing about fabricated houses that you can design them according to your dream home and everything will be possible to meet the requirements according to your standards.

 2. Quick

A major reason why people choose modular homes is that it is possible to build prefabricated homes in less than two months. As prefabricated homes are made in the factory, the construction time for them is much shorter as compared to the traditional homes. Adequate teamwork is done on your prefabricated home in the factory, and you will be able to see it within a few weeks.

 3. Cost

If you want to build a prefabricated home and you do not have to invest a lot of money for that. Less amount of installment means that there will be a low cost for an investor.

 4. Sound

The amazing benefit that you will get if you choose the modular home is sound insulation. You will be able to achieve a better quality of sound insulation if you get a prefabricated home. The reason behind this is that the acoustics in the traditionally built homes is not as good and the sound will be able to pass through the construction was and the ceilings.

 5. Budget-friendly

The modular homes are not as expensive as traditional homes. If you are looking for a much more budget-friendly way to get your dream home built, then you should go with the prefabricated home.

Limitations of prefabricated home

 1. Life

The prefabricated homes are very popular in Scandinavia and North America. Prefabricated homes are not as much popular in Europe. People in your prefer making big houses because they are much more long-lasting. The thing about the prefabricated and modular homes is that their lifespan is short and they do not last for more than 100 years.

However, if there is a home that is made of brick traditionally, then it can last for up to 100 years and stay in good shape.

 2. Not fire resistance

A major limitation of modular homes is that they are not as fire-resistant as traditionally built homes. The fire-resistance of a modular home is just one hour.