How to choose the best Basement Waterproofing solution for your Home?

The best way to choose the kind of basement waterproofing solution you need is to call in different waterproofing companies to do a full-fledged inspection of your house. During the process, they will describe the things which are causing the basement problems along with the shape and size of your basement, drainage systems around, foundation type and soil composition. After this a deep analysis of your drainage is done and the estimate is provided.

The analysis helps you to draft a budget for the waterproofing procedure. It is done to ensure that all the issues are addressed together. The company with the best quote and top-quality service should be selected. But, irrespective of what the results of the inspection are, basement waterproofing companies recommend three solutions:

Interior basement waterproofing sealant

Interior basement waterproofing sealant is the primary remedy you should look out for when you notice dampness in your basement. Interior sealants are a common way to get rid of leak issues temporarily. They are simple to do and can be with done ease, making it a great waterproofing solution for those who aren’t familiar with what should be done under such a situation with their basement. The waterproofing membrane made of rubber or PVC is used as an interior sealant to seal the concrete walls of your basement. Once this is done, you can paint over the material to enhance its look. It will prevent the leaks from happening temporarily. But if you need long-lasting remedies, then explore the other options.

Exterior waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing is the most common solution if your basement has been experiencing humidity and dampness for a long time. This kind of waterproofing will need you to dig the concrete slab and install a new drainage system that will redirect water entering in and prevent your basement from flooding. However, you need professionals to do exterior waterproofing. They have the skill, experience and knowledge to excavate in the right place and set the drainage system, doing the work right in one go. However, remember that this is an intensive project and it can get costlier if you don’t choose an efficient and reliable waterproofing company. If you are looking for a long-term solution for your house, then this is definitely worth it. Though the cost is high, it will keep your basement functional and water-free for decades.

Basement drain systems

They are the final remedy that can help you get rid of your basement drainage problems. These systems allow you to re-grade your yard so that the water is channelized in the right direction away from your basement walls. It is a brilliant solution if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on waterproofing your basement. However, it is not a permanent solution. However, if you are looking for temporary help, then this is a cost-effective and simple option for you. Basement drain systems are easy to install, especially if you choose professional waterproofing companies for them. They stand somewhere between interior sealants and exterior waterproofing.