Choosing the best of intercoms-door-entry\

The operation of the intercom is fairly simple: in most cases, consisting of an outdoor terminal and an indoor handset, equipped with microphones and speakers, this device allows audio and / or video communication between two stations. , separated by a reasonable distance. Connected to an opening system, the intercom allows you to remotely activate the opening or closing of a door, gate, etc.

The different types of intercoms

There are two product categories on the intercom market: audio intercoms and video intercoms.

Audio intercom

As its name lets you easily guess, the audio intercom is a device for Security Solutions which ensures only audio communication between two interlocutors. Less expensive to buy than a video intercom, it does not, however, allow the person to be visually identified. Only the voice brings a clue to the visitor’s identity. Failing to know precisely that of your postman, the forbel Chicago audio intercom is thus presented as a first protective screen which requires to grant a certain confidence to the visitors and their speech.

Video intercom

Equipped with a video device, the video intercom brings a level of safety and comfort higher than the audio intercom, by offering the owner the possibility of observing his visitor. In addition to speech, it is therefore possible to have an image of the person who has just rang, and thus to be able to clearly identify whether the speech given by the visitor is in line with his posture and his behavior (a salesperson wishing you selling products is, for example, very often dressed in costume).

The different types of transmission

Wired intercoms

For this first type of transmission, a power supply, generally made from 2.5mm2 wires, connects the two parts of the device, the plate and the handset. Quite restrictive to set up since it requires the creation of grooves to conceal the electric wires and a connection to the electrical installation in accordance with the standards, this first solution nevertheless remains the most effective when the distance separating the two elements of the device is important.

Wireless intercoms

Extremely easy to install since it does not require an electrical connection, the wireless intercom works with batteries and ensures communication between the two devices by waves. Although some models have a range of up to several hundred meters, it is possible to experience transmission problems when the panel and the wireless intercom handset are installed at a significant distance from each other.