5 amazing ideas for your unique landscaping designs

Want a special landscape design for your home? Looking for some inspirations from across the world? Well here we are with some amazing and unique ideas in our gallery that are definitely going to cheer you up and would help you select what you want.

  1. A fairy-tale theme

If you have a well painted and well decorated home, you can add a fairytale garden to it to make it more attractive. For example, add the lovely and lush green grass and floral plants to the discrete beds in the yard and then use the white colored fence to create a fairy tale effect. Try going in contrast to the colors of the house with the colors of the flowers. Adding a lovely swing in the back drop would be like a real cherry on top a yummy chocolate ball.

  1. A woodsy retreat

If you have a wooden house that is built beautifully and has plenty if details in it, then you can opt for a lawn that is not so much detailed. Just a few flower beds and plant pots can do the job. But be sure to add plenty of grass so that the wooden house stands out in the background and there is grass at front. Adding some special feature to the garden like a fountain or a statue can spruce up your lawn as well.

  1. Rocky yard

It you have a house that hosts rocks at the front, then you can always choose the rocks in the yard as well. the aesthetics and the placement of the rocks does matter a lot, so try putting the rocks beautifully or ask a landscaping professional to help you with it. The plants that are there with the rocks, give a very beautiful effect to the house.

  1. Something traditional

The wrought iron gate at the front, then the pathway made in the rocks and tiles, can make your yard look super special and the house at the back would give a look of royalty. So select the vegetation carefully and play with the colors as much as you can.

  1. Cascaded appeal

If your house is located on a height from the road, then you can play around with the stairs and work on the flower beds to create a very charismatic feel in the landscape. You could use the cascaded design and add floral details that change gradually in the gradient and color. You will see how well it all combines and comes out.

So, we hope you did like the top 5 landscaping ideas we just shared. Wondering how you are going to get the desired landscape design for your house? well the answer is simple, with the Landscapers in Lyneham, because they are the best ones in town and know exactly how to deliver the dream landscape design for the home owners. All you need to do is to give them a call.