Home Upgrades and Improvements for 2020

After the Christmas season is over and the craziness at home has ceased, the mind naturally looks to the future. There are doubtless many home upgrades or improvements that are still outstanding and didn’t quite get done this past year!

However, maybe you’re running short of ideas for home projects that you can get your teeth stuck into (or hire a team to complete while you focus on other ones). In which case, here are three ideas to get you back into the right mindset again.

Replace Old Fencing Around the Property Line

The fencing around the property has probably been there since you bought the home and perhaps long before that too. It may have seen better days and upon closer inspection – always a good idea – it probably has holes in it or areas that are badly worn away and cannot be fixed up properly.

If it’s reached a point where replacement is the sensible option, then there is a pleasing choice of available fencing designs and finishes from Northland Fence MN to consider. These include traditional wrought iron fencing using galvanized steel that’s powder-coated to protect it from the elements, a chain-link fence or colorful vinyl, which requires zero maintenance.

Sort Out the Dim, Dreary Lighting Situation

When you look objectively at the lighting situation in your home, it’s likely you’ll discover why it always seemed so gloomy. The reason is that the lighting isn’t bright enough, too few lights are present, and they don’t cover the living area wells. As a result, the home environment has suffered because of it.

Focus on lighting that projects into the whole room without leaving the corners untouched. Where possible, use LED lights because they’re bright and are easiest on the eyes for the lumens they shine out. Avoid fluorescent bulbs where possible; most modern light fixtures allow for either fluorescent or LED bulbs interchangeably now.

Use standing lamps with lampshades turned upside down as “up lights” to project light towards the ceiling and the walls. This solves the problem of poor lighting where new lighting fixtures won’t completely address it to your satisfaction.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Remodeling It Completely

There are different things that you can do in the kitchen that don’t require a full remodeling (or the budget doesn’t allow for it). Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Flooring – Change the flooring to refresh it. If you haven’t put it in already, consider hardwood flooring. If you already have it, then sand it down and refinish it to change its appearance. If you don’t want the cost of wood flooring, there are some floor tiles that look similar to it for smaller budgets.
  2. Countertop – Replacing the countertop can put a whole new spin on the look of the kitchen work areas. Even the cabinets will appear newer when there’s a shiny, modern granite, marble or another type of stone as the new counter above it.
  3. Backsplash – Changing an old, discolored backsplash to a colorful new one brings a fresh appearance to the whole kitchen. It also reflects color and light back into the space.

Choose whatever upgrades or changes that you wish to make and plan when you’ll start. Anticipate double the time to complete them than you think, especially if you’ve never done this kind of home project before.