Five reasons to consider hardwood flooring

For homeowners, deciding what floors to get has become a far more important topic than the wallpaper and curtains discussion.

That’s because most people do not want to completely carpet their space any more, turning instead to wood flooring. Here are five good reasons for this shift.

1. Wood flooring is more cost-effective

In the long run, wood flooring is simply the most affordable flooring around. Most families with carpets need to buy new carpeting every five to ten years and say that if money were no object, they would change it every year. However, with flooring and engineered flooring in particular, most users don’t think about re-flooring for well over 20 years or more, which saves a lot of money.

2. It’s neutral and traditional

Wood flooring rises above the trends of fashion. A carpeted or tiled floor can look out of date within a few years as trends and designs change, but wood flooring is always stylish.

3. It’s more hygienic

With the invention of the vacuum cleaner, many homeowners saw carpeted floors as the easier option when it came to cleaning. There was no need for scrubbing; the dirt just seems to disappear. However, we now know that it doesn’t disappear; it stays in the home, leading to higher levels of dust, mites and other pollutants. Modern wood floors don’t need to be waxed. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping occasionally is usually enough. Products such as those at are designed to look waxed and stained, so you don’t need to treat them.

4. Wood floors suit floor coverings better

Once you do have a wood floor in place, most people find their accent rugs look much nicer than they did with wall-to-wall carpeting. Adding a hallway runner can add length to a room, but adding one on top of a carpet makes us think of elderly aunts looking to reduce wear and tear. Today’s fashions are all about adding interest with rugs, which are so much easier to replace than carpets.

5. Variety

While some people still think all wood looks the same, most have come to appreciate all the different looks a wood floor can bring to a room. From mahogany and teak to oak and redwood, the choice is huge.