Gutter Protection – Common Questions & Answers

One of the best home improvements that can be done when it comes to minimizing upkeep and removing issues typically caused by dusty, clogged gutters is the installation of a leaf guard on your house. When it comes to gutter security, there are many issues out there and we really want to help you make a well-informed decision. Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions…

Question One: What kind of gutter protection system is the best?

Answer: Excuses in advance if it sounds a bit cliché, but the safest form of gutter security for your house is the type of gutter protection you choose to have. Sure, some particular models and labels earn more positive feedback than some others do – but the exact type of gutter coverage that is better for your home is the one you want to go with to cover current exposed gutters. By installing leaf guards, you will save time, money, and effort that will normally go hand in hand with the dreaded frequent gutter cleaning task.

Question Two: Does this mean that I will never have to clean my gutters again if I have duct protection installed on my home?

Answer: Good gutter guard systems work well to prevent ordinary dust and natural contamination from clogging the guttering structures of your home all the time. Maintenance is going to be all but eliminated — more so with some gutter cover varieties than others. Nonetheless, the need to take care of the gutters will go from practically every month to about once every couple of years-and even then, the volume of cleaning required would normally be quick enough to do with a simple garden hose flushing.

Question 3: Will the gutter mask the job on the box-style gutters of my historic home?

Answer: While gutter sizes and shapes have been more or less standardized over the past several decades, most older homes still have gutters that do not exactly fit the mold of the models of today. If this is the case with your house, a suitable gutter security solution for your needs may well be possible. Nonetheless, a practitioner may need to assess and consider on a case-by-case basis the solutions accessible.

Question 4: Does the gutter cover increasing the gutter’s water handling capacity?

Answer: In most situations, with most gutter defense models, the answer is a resounding “not at all!” All performance gutter coverings have been through a rigorous process of specialist design and testing to insure that the water shedding capability of traditional gutters is not adversely affected. And of course, the water flow will be better than ever by blocking the leaves, twigs, and debris that usually block the gutters of a home!

Question Five: Could I cover myself in the gutter?

Answer: The best thing to do is go with a certified professional installer. Since the size, shape and complexity of all gutter systems are different, installing gutter protection is not an easy “snap-in-place” solution. Custom measuring, alignment, trimming and fastening is always part of the process of deployment. So implementing many of the proven effective patented models requires special equipment so tooling that the big box shop just doesn’t have.

Once, getting duct safety built in your home is one of the most pragmatic ways of reducing maintenance and ensuring proper duct usability throughout the year!

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