A Guide to Your Options in Garage Doors

So, you’re getting a new garage door installed? Don’t just settle for the ordinary. Give it some thought and make your new garage door as impressive as the rest of your home. Here is a short guide to some of your options.

Garage doors are mainly separated by two things: the way that they open and the material of which they are made. There are minor differences as well, but most of your choice comes down to these two considerations. Let’s begin with opening style. Everyone is familiar with the standard garage door which is divided into horizontal sections that move up and down on a track. These require no discussion.

One of the cooler alternatives is the bifold garage door. These doors open up in much the same way that a closet door does. The door is made of two sections which are pushed open and which fold in upon themselves. The upside of this style is that it is unique and convenient. However, it has the downside of being less weather-tight than most other styles.

You can opt for a set of swinging doors for your garage as well. These are just two doors that swing outward instead of folding upward. The drawback of this style is that it is less convenient. However, this style offers the best regarding security and weather sealing.

Sliding garage doors are also available. Perhaps the best thing about sliding doors is that they are the easiest to operate. On the other hand, they offer poor insulation and substandard security.

When it comes to materials, you need to consider both looks and security. Obviously, you want your garage door to match the rest of your home, but those concerns should be secondary to its functionality. I would seriously recommend against the use of glass in your garage door for security reasons. Even if you use high-strength glass that is difficult to break, it still gives would-be thieves a chance to scope out your garage. I would also recommend against the use of fiberglass or vinyl because they just aren’t strong enough. For anything other than a top-down sliding door, wood is probably your best bet because it offers good strength while being cheaper than steel.

For commercial garage doors york pa has a few good companies and a few that aren’t so good. You want to make sure that you find one with a good track record. They should be able to refer you to previous customers who will review their handiwork and possibly give you a chance to inspect it for yourself. Or if you don’t have time for all that, just read a bunch of online reviews.

Regardless of what style you choose or what material you use, there is just no reason to go cheap if you can avoid it. Your garage door needs to be strong, well-insulated, reliable and easy to use. It might cost a little more to get the best. As the old saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing right.