5 Simple Tricks to a Garage Facelift

Well-used and often neglected, the average garage rarely tops the list of essential home remodeling projects. However, giving this valuable space a new look and improving its functionality could not be easier.

Before you sideline your garage renovation yet again, review these five simple tricks that can make an incredible difference in a short amount of time.

  1. Gloss Over the Matter

Rather than ignoring issues, to gloss over matters in a garage remodel means creating a floor that is easy to clean, resistant to stains and looks fantastic. As you type in “epoxy contractors near me,” look at the different coating products they utilize, and review all the many benefits this incredible finishing product can deliver.

  1. Purge the Easy Way

Garages have a tendency to hold a lot more than cars, and some of us have so much stuff the car stays outside. Going through each box and sifting through that collection of old bikes is a daunting task, but renting a dumpster is an affordable way to make the task of purging more efficient and satisfying.

  1. Take Advantage of Negative Space

If most of the items in your garage have been taking up precious room on the floor, look around you, and evaluate the surrounding negative space. Many possessions can be hung up on walls, and there are a variety of hooks and racks made just for this purpose. Add a shelf or two, as well, and you have instant organization.

  1. A Case for Countertops and Cabinetry

No longer just for the kitchen, the garage is an ideal place for used or custom-designed counters, drawers and cabinets. Filled with all the necessary tools and supplies for trades or hobbies, your garage can become a secluded workspace where you can create, design, build, and dream in comfort and style.

  1. Establish a Tight Seal

Keeping your garage in optimal shape and looking its best requires more than just purging, organizing, and cleaning. Make sure you evaluate the seals on all garage doors so that water stays outside where it belongs, and not inside where it can support mold growth, damage walls, floors and belongings.

Tackling a garage facelift offers a high return on your investment, often requiring more elbow grease than money. Therefore, move the garage to the top of the remodel list, get out there, roll up your sleeves, and reclaim the space that has been denied to you for so long.