3 Ways to Make your Carport Stand Out

While carports on their own stand out enough, since they replace the garage for the purpose of keeping your car sheltered from the elements, they also keep things open and act as more of an attachment to a house rather than their own stand-alone structure. But if you want people to really notice your carport, you can do a lot of things to make it look unique.

Assuming your carport meets local policies and building requirements, then here are some ways to ensure it stands out from the crowd.

Use Light Fixtures

Hanging a motion activated light on your carport and having that light face the driveway is the easiest way to keep things illuminated if you come home at night. The light will ensure you can get into your driveway and have protection from any nighttime mishaps. You can have one light, or use a string of lights to not only provide functionality but also decoration to your carport.

If you see yourself using your carport in the day and never driving at night, make sure to have either a window or an indoor light on hand just in case it’s needed.

Paint It Up

Since your carport is an extension of your house, make sure to paint it. It can either have the same painting and general color scheme of your home, or it can be a completely different contrasting color. If you want your carport to stand out, then give it a different coat of paint. No matter what material it is made out of, it can always look better.

Keep in mind that carports are an outdoor structure, so you might need to invest in some waterproof or weather resistant paint supplies, but other than that you don’t have a limit. Paint and color to your heart’s content to get custom carports you’d be happy to park your vehicle under!

Give it Some Storage

This is especially helpful if you don’t have a garage or simply need a bigger space to store supplies and equipment. In addition to protecting the vehicle, you’ll also be able to go back and forth from your vehicle to the storage area, all while being protected from the elements. Plus, you can have a custom design and build your storage space to fit your needs, without having to squeeze someone else’s plans into your space.