How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Flooring

Wooden floors can transform your office or home and provide a modern, clean, fresh feel to large airy spaces or provide a cosy, warm environment for smaller and more traditional areas.

Keeping your floor clean is quick and easy, but when choosing a vacuum, it is worth considering what type you need.

Suction Power

Unlike carpets, wooden floors provide very little friction, which can result in the vacuum spreading the dirt and dust around instead of suctioning it up. The spaces between the floorboards can also be difficult to tackle unless your vacuum has a very strong suction function. Vacuums with accessories suited to smaller gaps and tight spaces could help with this problem, especially for tight corners or hard to reach areas. If your floor has gaps, then a strong suction will be essential for collecting larger debris such as food.

A more serious problem is vacuums which scratch the floor. Durable hardwood floors, such as engineered flooring supplied by companies like, can prevent this from happening, but if your floor in less durable, check if the brush bar on the vacuum can be switched off to protect your floor.

Floor Protection

If you are vacuuming an office or working space, then a vacuum on wheels which is pulled along behind you can be a popular choice. The long extendable power cord can stretch far and help get the job done quickly. However, it is worth checking that the vacuum has padding around the wheels, as this will protect your floor as well as the skirting boards and doorways. This recent article published in The Independent newspaper provides inspiration on creating a working space within your home:

Cordless or Corded

Whether you opt for cordless or corded is a personal choice and will depend on the space and size of your home or office. Cordless can be very convenient for a quick vacuum or when going up and down stairs, but they do have a limited battery life and need charging regularly, which can be irritating if they stop working half way through the job.

If you have pets, then you may wish to vacuum your upholstery as well as your floor to remove pet hairs and dirt, so getting a multi-purpose vacuum would be a good investment.