Can new windows add value to your home?

There are some substantial benefits to investing in new windows. You’ll maximise energy efficiency whilst also improving the aesthetics of your home. For homeowners who want their improvements to add resale value to their property, new windows are a smart investment.

Maximise efficiency

If your windows haven’t been replaced for a while, those endlessly rising energy bills might persuade you to change your mind. Brand new windows utilise the latest technology to create tightly sealed units that optimise energy efficiency. With no leaks or gaps in your new glazing, heating and cooling your room will be far more efficient.

Analysis shows that 40% of your annual energy bill is spent on heating your home. Anything that helps to reduce your energy bills will benefit you and whoever purchases your property in the future – and a property with a good EPC rating is far more attractive to prospective buyers. Opt for energy efficient double or triple glazing units for best effects.

Improve aesthetics

With a huge range of styles, materials and finishes available, replacement windows can either blend seamlessly with the look and feel of your existing glazing or bring a whole new aesthetic to your property.

Replacement windows bring a fresh new look to the exterior giving your home effortless kerb appeal. Cracked and damaged glazing units create a poor first impression, so replace them with windows Dublin homes can rely on to create a great first impression – try a quality glazing company like

Adding value

What other home improvement can make your property more energy efficient, reduce outside noise by anywhere up to 60% and reduce fading and damage to your soft furnishings? Double glazing is a great investment if you live under a flight path or next to a busy road. It can also reduce condensation that can lead to the presence of unhealthy mould in the home, keeping your interiors damp and draught free.

Double glazing is also a key part of your home’s defences, discouraging intruders and leaving your property safe and secure. Opt for toughened or laminated glass, and you’ll create an impregnable barrier that will deliver peace and mind. It’s benefits like these that make replacement double glazing one of the most cost effective home improvements delivering a huge return on investment when your property goes on the market