What Is The Right Price For Office Cleaning Services

An office is considered to be the most valuable asset to perform any type of business. Keeping the office clean is an important job of any office cleaning service firm. Several factors come into play when determining the office cleaning cost.

These include the reputation of a cleaning company, office size, and the amount of dirt present, types of cleaning services required, frequency of service (daily/weekly), and time needed to execute the cleaning task. This article will help you get an estimate of how much you should be charged for your office cleaning prices.

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Office size

The amount of area is one of the primary factors that is used to compute the actual cleaning cost. This cost will be more in larger offices than smaller companies. For large offices of size greater than 2100 sq. feet and more), the charge will be given on a per square foot basis. At the lowest, the charge will start from $0.50 for every square foot.

Types of services needed

Standard office cleaning service includes the following services:

  • Emptying the trash,
  • Vacuuming, and
  • Dusting

If you need any additional services, then you will need to pay more for them. Some of the additional services could be:

  • Restocking paper products in the bathroom,
  • Sweeping,
  • Waxing floors,
  • Cleaning windows,
  • Cleaning kitchens,
  • Cleaning toilets,
  • Scrubbing,
  • Sweeping floors, and
  • Detailed vacuuming.

Depending on the services you choose, the price will increase to $55 – $75 for every hour.

Time to clean the office

The time chosen by the company to perform office cleaning is another factor that determines the cleaning price. If the company calls the cleaning professional during office work hours, then the charges will be more. So, the office owner should check the cleaning cost based on the time.

The extent of dirt

If your office space hasn’t been cleaned for many months, then it would have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt. In that case, you would need to pay more than the standard cleaning price.

The reason is that to clean a highly messy office, the cleaning professionals would need advanced technology-based equipment, and more amount of cleaning products to do the cleaning job.

Attributes Of A Good Office Cleaning Services

Here are some of the qualities of a good cleaning service that you should consider when hiring an office cleaning service.

  • Qualified cleaning professionals
  • Should have good experience in cleaning residential and commercial cleaning spaces
  • Have undergone training in working with cleaning product and supplies and using it effectively to clean the office
  • The company should provide cleaning professionals whenever the client needs them.
  • The cleaning professional should be punctual and well mannered. They should be consistent in delivering timely and quality service every time.
  • The company should offer cleaning at competitive pricing.


An office is a place where businesses can execute their operations. To get the best cleaning service, you should take the above factors into considerations before you hire an office cleaning firm.