New technologies in water restoration

Water damage happens and it is not rare because water supply pipelines are essential part of every residential building. This incident may also happen in commercial buildings also though the causes are different. There are lots of reasons such as flooding due to heavy rain, storm, hail, tornados and hurricanes and all because of extreme weather changes.

Other reasons of water damage are due to leakage in pipes or burst pipes, sewage backup, malfunction in appliances lines or leaky roofs. These all water problems need immediate action to save your house and belongings from damage. If water or moisture remains in house, invite bacteria and mold growth rapidly, within 48 hours. Do not try to do this process on your own, it will only worsen the problem and increase the cost. You may do a satisfactory job by drying the outer surface but in reality, deep down moisture damages the walls, furniture, clothes and wooden floorings and help in the growth of mold, mildew and harmful bacteria and virus.

You need to call water damage contractors to deal with water damage problem, its remediation and also work with insurance companies. These contractors have professionals who are certified and equipped with the latest equipment and tools to deal with problem. Their staff experiences these water problems everyday so they know and do their repair and restoration work efficiently.

These water damage contractors offer many services such as water removal, water damage repair, drying off the interior, water damage restoration, mold testing and mold remediation. They also help you in filing claims to your insurance adjuster, to reduce the cost.

They use sump pumps, wet vacuum cleaners, air-fans, humidifier, cleaners and special floor driers. Their services are dependent on the severity of water damage. If they need to, they can use wall driers, sanitizers, thermal imaging and drones. The new technology solutions have made water repair and restoration quicker and effective.

Thermal imaging is new technique to give moisture readings within the building and ensure that structure of building can maintain a strong integrity after water damage.

Drones have made revolution in the restoration industry. Drones help in finding the water presence where humans cannot reach or unsafe to roam into, to eliminate it. Through drones, it has made possible to take to pictures from an angle the crew cannot. It helps insurance company to make assessment of damage and also for the restoration team to decide what area needs restoration and what areas can be dried.

Industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers are used for rapid drying of the walls, ceilings and floors which is essential to prevent warping of wooden floors and furniture.

An infrared camera is used to detect moisture presence through structure of building, which helps in the effective water removal.

Hygrometer and sensitive moisture detectors are used to measure the degree of moisture saturation.

Sanitizing agents, air scrubbers, deodorizers, thermal foggers, disinfectants and anti-microbial treatments are used to remove water odor, sanitize, growth of bacteria, virus, harmful microorganism and mold and mildew growth.