6 Must-Haves When Renovating Your Bathroom

Thinking of getting the bathroom an upgrade? Now is the right time to renovate! That said, in this article, we’ll talk about some of the must-haves in your remodeling project, making sure that the bathroom combines both form and function.

  1. Bathtub

A bathtub is one of the best focal points in the bathroom. There are tons of bath tub ideas you might want to consider, including the design and material. Choose one that complements the overall design of the place. Consider the size of the bathroom to choose the right tub. It effectively makes the bathroom more relaxing while adding a hint of elegance. This is also a good way to make the bathroom look like a five-star spa.

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  1. Lighting

When renovating the bathroom, it is also crucial to make sure that you have the right lighting. To light your bathroom right, choose the best type of lighting that works best for the space – task, accent, or decorative lighting. Adding a chandelier can also be a good idea if you have the luxury of space and if you want an elegant bathroom. You might also want to have dimmable lights to easily create a relaxing mood.

  1. Plants

If you want the bathroom to be more relaxing after completing the renovation, it is also best to add houseplants. They are not only decorative pieces, but they are also a great way to purify indoor air. The best houseplants to have in the bathroom include aloe vera, asparagus fern, bamboo, begonia, cast iron plant, Chinese evergreen, and cyclamen, among others.

  1. Entertainment Capabilities

We are living in an era wherein the bathroom is not just a place to take a bath. It is a relaxing sanctuary. So, if you love spending time in the shower or bathtub, you will benefit from incorporating entertainment features in the bathroom, such as waterproof speakers and even a small screen where you can watch your favorite shows.

  1. In-Floor Heating

This is a luxury that you will need if you live in a place where it is often cold. Right after having a hot bath or shower, once you step out and go walking barefoot, it won’t take long before you feel chilly because of the cold floor. In-floor heating provides a great way to regulate the temperature in the bathroom, making sure that you stay warm most of the time.

  1. Storage Space

Renovating the bathroom will not be complete without considering the storage options to have. A walk-in closet is a luxury that is reserved for those who have generous space. Make the most out of the available spaces, such as under the sink, to have cabinets. Think of creative storage solutions to make the most out of every inch available in the bathroom.

Give your bathroom the facelift that it deserves! As you plan to renovate, make sure to invest in the must-haves we have listed above, including a bathtub, lighting solutions, and creative storage, among others.