What are the benefits of removing window screens in winter?

As the winter starts setting in, many changes are observed in the homes where people start putting the summer stuff away and bring out the things that would protect them from the winter. One of those things is the window screen. These screens help block the hot sun of summer; they have put away in the winter so that the sunlight could come inside the house and give warmth to the house’s people. Some people do not like to take away their window screens as they like to keep the windows open and use them to prevent snow from getting inside the house. The Belleville windows and doors installation companies can provide you with perfect screens as well.

For all those who would like to remove their window screens and keep them safe in winter, we have gathered a list of benefits to enjoy reading them and getting facilitated with them.

  • If you have single-pane windows, you should remove the screens for must and replace them with the storm windows so that the harsh winter could be beaten and you could stay safe indoors. The window screens are not sufficient for blocking the extreme winter chills.
  • When you remove the screens from your windows, the chances for trapping the snow between the screen and the window get minimal. This saves the homeowners from the trouble of trapped snow in the windows.
  • If you have the casement windows at your home, you will see that the screens are inside the house. With such screens, the chances of condensation grow very large, and it provides a perfect opportunity for the mold and mildew to develop. This can result in severe health issues as well.
  • One of the obvious and the most significant benefits of removing the window screens from the windows is that the amount of light inside the house increases. There would be less light inside the house for the winter, but removing the screens can help enhance it.
  • Removing these screens would also prove helpful in increasing the amount of heat inside the house. The screens tend to block the sunlight that brings in the heat. But when the screens are removed in winter, they let the heat in, thus keeping the house warm. This, in turn, helps in maintaining the internal temperature, thus providing energy efficiency more than you could expect.
  • Another benefit of removing the screens is that the dirt and debris will not stick between the window and the screen because we all know that cleaning the windows is not something straightforward, and prevention is the best thing to do when it comes to cleanliness.

These are the significant benefits that you can avail of by removing your window screens for winter. There can be many others, and we hope that you enjoy all these benefits of removing them—happy winters to you.