Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Mount A Satellite Dish On Roofs

Homeowners for many years have been mounting their satellite dishes to their roofs without acknowledging the damage that it can cause to the roofing structures. If you are thinking about mounting a satellite dish, you should consider some of the top 3 reasons it may not be a good idea for the roof.

Risks To Your Roofing Materials

If a dish is not installed correctly, it can cause long term damage to the roofing materials underneath. The holes that are drilled for a satellite dish will penetrate into roofing materials and it could cause a breakage in the moisture barrier for your roof. If the satellite dish is fastened through your shingles, you could be facing a weak point for water and snow to get in.

Long Term Damage

The area where you install your dish will be exposed to the elements and it will wear differently than other areas of the roof. The way that water runoff occurs and the way these materials age will be different than their expected function. This can lead to damage to all elements around the area where your dish was installed and a greater wear pattern for that section of the roof.

Voiding Warranty

If you have a roofing warranty for the installation or the materials of your roof, you could potentially void the entire warranty if you get a dish installed. Most roofing warranties assume that you will not be doing any other labor to the roof that will compromise the materials. As soon as the materials are penetrated to install a satellite dish, you could remove all chances you could get compensation from a warranty program.

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