Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Pergola?

The backyard of your house is a space for the whole family to relax, so it's no wonder that many people who are planning on building a pergola want to make this place even more comfortable! However, some plan to do it on their own and actively google various ideas about pergola, estimating how much they will have to spend. Let's find out if it's worth it or if it's cheaper to use the help of professionals from Delta Decks Toronto! Are You Considering Buying a Gazebo, Pavilion or Pergola? First of all, you should understand that you cannot save on the cost to install a pergola, gazebo or pavilion — no matter what type of construction you decide to choose. If the customer decides to add an indoor patio space to house on his/her own, then study a lot of materials to understand what budget t

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How Long Does It Take Professionals to Build a Deck?

The question of "How long does it take to build a deck?" worries everyone who starts the construction of outdoor residential structures. However, it’s difficult to answer, because the specific time depends on many factors — for example, whether the area owner decided to build a large deck with additional elements or thought about building a 12x16 deck of the simplest design. Let's try to understand all the key points regarding how long does it take to build a porch, terrace, patio or deck. Also, we`ll discuss how expensive and difficult it is to install such structures, as well as what factors can influence it. Can You Build a Deck in a Weekend? Unfortunately, neither building a 12x12 deck nor building a super small patio is done just over a weekend. However, a professional deck b

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