Understanding the Proper Roofing Option Now

The main axiom in selecting and fitting the roof is “no matter how many floors in the building – the roof will always be one.” The roof is a symbol of the reliability and durability of the house, and a quality roof is a guarantee of protecting the premises from any bad weather, therefore choosing the roofing material, it is necessary to approach this element of the structure with great responsibility. The next important step is to choose a professional designer and roofer.

The Buyer

The buyer should be aware that the roof is a very complicated element of construction, where it is necessary to correctly calculate the roof slope, the roofing part, ventilation, insulation, waterproofing, high-quality drainage, fire safety elements and much more, so that your roof is the protection of the family hearth and comfort. The commercial roofers in charlotte nc happens to be essential here.

If the first two stages are passed – then exactly half remains – the choice of the roof directly. Today, a huge abundance in the roofing materials market is divided into:

  • ceramic or polymer tiles;
  • bituminous shingles;
  • corrugated sheet material (slate and modified materials);
  • metal tile and corrugated board;
  • trendy polymer materials;
  • Waterproofing roll roofing materials.

Choosing roofing materials for your home, you need to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each of the coatings offered on the market today, and without a high-quality design and installation, even very expensive material can cause your disasters.

The Tar

Surely everyone in his life saw the boil of tar. A huge vat with melted bitumen is supported by a stoker to maintain a certain temperature. The picture becomes even darker if you imagine that all the sinners are waiting for this hellish slime. Now take a deep breath and relax – it was just a flight of my sick imagination. In fact, the use of hot bitumen is part of the technological process.

Use of Bitumen

But a huge minus of such material was that the base of the roofing material is cardboard impregnated with bitumen. This way of processing, of course, Adds paper moisture resistance, but, nevertheless, does not change its properties and does not prevent rotting processes. Therefore, roofing material is very short-lived material and the roofs arranged with its use are subject to regular repairs every 2-3 years, and even every year.

Euroruberoid is bitumen or bitumen-polymer roll deposited material. The euruberoid is produced by applying a bituminous or bitumen-polymer binder in a certain amount on both sides of the non-casting base impregnated with bituminous composition. Further, a low-melting film or a fine-grained powder can be applied to the surface. It depends on the scope of the material.

The Support of the Film

The film serves to prevent the material from sticking together in a roll. Fine-grained dust protects the bitumen from ultraviolet rays of the sun.Before using bitumen to produce the material, it is pre-prepared. Crude bitumen is not suitable for production due to fluidity already at a temperature of 40 ° C. To give the bitumen necessary heat resistance, it is either artificially aged by the oxidation method, producing oxidized bitumen, or add special additives (modifiers) to obtain the necessary characteristics, obtaining a modified bitumen.