Why Septic Tank Drain Field Pipes Repair is Necessary

A septic tank is comprised of many different components that together constitute a functional mechanism that responsibly manages wastewater. If any one of these components malfunctions or becomes damaged, it will affect the rest of the system. Likewise, a drain field pipe is a necessary component to the overall operation of the septic system. It allows the filtered liquid waste to be distributed into the field to undergo the final stage of purification that occurs underground.

Drain fields consist of parallel pipes used for emptying and draining purposes. These porous pipes ensure solid waste is kept from being released into the field, while the liquid waste is swiftly carried out for distribution. If the drain pipes are clogged with contaminants such as grease, oil, and other chemicals, they can sustain severe damage that would require expensive and extensive repair. Drain field pipes can also be damaged by heavy objects above ground such as cars or heavy traffic on a regular basis. Even storage sheds located over the areas where septic tank and its components are installed can cause damage.

Any large-scale damage to the drain field pipes would lead to the obvious and dreadful problem of sewage overflowing and coming in contact with your household possession, indoor and outdoors. Improper draining, backup, odorous smells, contamination, puddling water, excessive moisture etc. are all unpleasant consequences of a poorly functioning septic system. To avoid these issues, you must act immediately as soon as you sense there is something wrong with your drain field pipes.

When septic tanks cannot complete its cycle of purification, the sewage and bacteria will spread into the soil causing disruption. This will eventually pose serious issues to human health as well. With rain happening, the particles can easily be flooded into streams and other water supplies, causing illnesses. Untreated sewage water also promotes algae growth in water, the excess which can steal sunlight from native plants, depriving them of their natural food supply.

Essentially, when you live in a area that falls outside of a municipality or where there is no public sewer treatment system available, you have to rely on a septic tank for the removal of waste-water from your home. A septic system mostly works independently. But problems start to develop in the septic tank, usually caused by lack of maintenance, you need qualified and experienced plumbers to detect where the problem lies and identify its root cause. Septic Tank Drainfield Repair Sarasota Fl understands how the tank functions, especially knowing how drain pipes are necessary for multiple reasons. It supplies wastewater that contains nitrogen and phosphorus chemicals that help as fertilizers. Pipes extending from the septic tank to the field carry this fertilizer water into the earth, leaving behind the sludge layer that accumulates at the bottom with solids and other substances. Eventually, the tank must undergo pumping to remove this sludge from the tank and dispose of it completely. This process requires septic professionals to perform. It is ideal to maintain the tank, as well as, seek professional repairs from companies that are adequately skilled in this field.