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When choosing a roofing coating for corrugated boarding, it is necessary to determine in advance not only the color and quantity of the material, but also its dimensions and thickness. Today, in our article, we will give advice on what kind of roofing is best for the roof, what criteria should be taken into account.

Roofing made of corrugated board

Advantages of corrugated board: cheap material, lightness, durability, ease of installation, the possibility of laying over the old material of the roof.

Variation of corrugated board

Before determining which corrugated board for roofing is best , you must first understand what kinds of it are produced. The profilist “H” is used for the construction of floors, fences, roofs, as well as “NS”. The main characteristics of corrugated board are the thickness of the base, the parameters of the trapezoidal curved profile, the type of protective coating, the height of the corrugation. It should be remembered that the higher the height of the corrugation, the higher the strength and stiffness of the material. The Gryphon Construction Company is perfect here in this case.

Structure of corrugated sheet

  • Profilists are classified into painted (polymer, which we will talk about a little later) and unpainted. As a roofing material, unpainted corrugated board is not used so often, usually it is household structures, garages. For residential buildings, a painted surface is more preferable, which looks very attractive.
  • When deciding which profiled sheet to take from unpainted series for a roof, we take into account such characteristics:
  • Steel cold-rolled sheets with an aluminum-silicon coating marked “AK” are characterized by high strength and resistance to negative operating conditions. Such sheets are produced only with an aluminum coating; the marking is denoted by the letter “A”.
  • The aluminum-zinc coating is less stable and durable, the service life of such a coating is somewhat less. The aluminum content for this profiled sheet is about four percent, the letters are written with the letters “AC”.
  • Such a corrugated sheet has a lifespan of only a few years, for a residential house it is better to take sheets with a paint and varnish coating. They are excellent for canopies, arbors, various outbuildings. The appearance of such a corrugated board is somewhat inferior to that of a painted one, but the stiffness and strength of such a material still remains excellent.

How to choose the grade of the flooring, depending on the angle of the roof?

An example of grading of corrugated board. Types of sheets of corrugated board are different in width between the crests and the thickness of the metal.What is the choice of corrugated roofing for the roof, depending on its angle of inclination? How much does this affect the quality and reliability of the roof itself? Many recommend giving preference to such types as C8, 10, 20, but this is permissible only for large angles, provided that the crate will be continuous.