4 Things That Go With Bedbugs During A Renovation

Even though bed bugs are not known to cause diseases, they can make your life a living hell and potentially embarrass you. Bed bugs are not easy to spot, and when they appear, they usually have an appetite for your blood. There are infamous for their painful bites which leave bite marks on your skin.

Getting rid of bed bugs is not such an easy task. However, if you are planning to do some renovations in your home, you stand a better chance of getting rid of them. Renovations will interfere with or destroy the hiding places of these pests. According to a St Charles bed bug control expert, renovating your house will contribute to bed bug elimination in the following ways.

  1. cracks and crevices

Crevices can be caused by a variety of reasons such as; ground movements, shrinkages, sways, weak foundations, among other reasons. The crevices offer a perfect hiding place for bed bugs as they wait to pounce and suck your blood. The crevices also provide an ideal breeding environment for bed bugs.

Pest control methods such as pesticides are not so effective on bed bugs as long as they are in the safety of the crevices. Renovations fix crevices hence destroying the living and breeding habitats of these pests.

  1. Old furniture

There are several things you will need to do to achieve the desired result of your home. The chances are that you are likely to get rid of that furniture that you so love. This may be inspired by the interior design or the pure desire to bring in new furniture for a change. Such furniture includes beds, sofa sets, wardrobes, drawers, door frames, among others.

Bed bugs are known to be masters of hide and seek. If you choose to change your furniture during a renovation, then you may be saving yourself and household from the misery caused by these bloodthirsty pests.

  1. Loose wallpapers

If you’re not always  a fan of painting your walls, wallpaper may not be a bad option. These come in a variety of colors and designs. If you are already using them, you will have already realized that with time the glue used to fix the wallpaper to the wall dry or loosen up. Replacing the wallpaper will not only give your walls a facelift but will also destroy the possible bed bug hideouts.

Peeling or lose wallpaper gives bed bugs a perfect place to hide after terrorizing you. This also offers the bed bugs an ideal habitat to breed. During the renovations, replacing the wallpaper shouldn’t be ignored. Proper installation/fixing of the wallpaper will play a key role in ensuring that these pests have one less place to hide.

  1. Old mattresses

Your mattress may be the best part of your night. Bed bugs too will enjoy the comfort of your mattress, why?  Besides offering them the perfect place to hide it also provides them a safe place to lay their eggs. You might have heard a misconception that these pests are attracted to filth; well, this is not the case.

Bed bugs can show up even in the cleanest of environments. And it is essential to replace your mattress with your bed just to be sure there are no remnants of the bed bugs in your home.