Discover the Latest & Safest Surveillance Systems in UAE!

Every business owner attempts to keep their employees, assets and office as safe as possible. Certainly, it must have taken a lot of time and effort to build your company and when you leave, you will want to make sure that everything is just perfect and protected. To overcome the issues related to safety, there are several ways that can help you increase the security measures for your business. One of the most effective ways is the installation of a monitored surveillance system through surveillance companies in UAE. Door & Window Handles Security handles are a simple and reliable form of security that can be installed quickly and easily. The security will alarm you in case someone has opened the windows or doors while the system is activated. These handles are installed on the connecting points of windows and doors – when they are touched they get activated. Interestingly, the alarm won’t go off, unless it is unexpectedly removed from the window or door. Motion Sensors Motion Sensors can be used to detect intruders, inside and outside the secured area. If you connected them to the lights on the outside of your building or to an alarm system, you will be able to increase the coverage of the secured area. Special types of motion detectors are available for facilities with pets. The good thing is that most of these motion sensors can be activated or deactivated at your will, which means that you can turn them off during the day, and put them on again at night before heading home. Surveillance Cameras Most buildings have several areas on the outside and inside that are great hiding places for intruders. Surveillance services in UAE can help with installing cameras inside that can lower the amount of intrusions by deterring customers and/or employees interested in theft or other inappropriate work behavior. This is the ultimate form of security. With an integrated alarm and camera system monitoring services, you can be rest assured that any suspicious activities or alarm signals are reported and dealt with quickly. Visit Etisalat Yellow Pages website to check the contact details of security system suppliers in UAE and know more about their services. Remote Video Monitoring Remote video monitoring can be a useful tool for home owners especially for those who have other businesses to run to & watching their homes/offices. They can distantly monitor their secured spaces from any distance using a handheld receiver; or else, they can remotely monitor their homes from any laptop connected to the internet. Surveillance camera softwares are also needed for further video monitoring with a laptop. To know more about surveillance services in UAE, visit Etisalat Yellow Pages website and discover more about their array of services and contact details.