Moving Cards: An Innovative Way to Announce Your Big Move

Moving your house is an exciting time in your life. Especially when you move to your own nest from a rental location or got your first home as newlywed the emotions, sentiments, and happiness gets on its peak. This fantastic experience also affects your closest ones positively. Sharing this pleasing news to the family, friends, and co-workers in a stylish way can double up the fun and pleasure.

Before making an announcement, it is essential to decide the way to make people aware of your new home. Sending a moving or new address announcement  card is an old but evergreen and stylish way of making this big announcement. Mailing these cards via snail mail to the people close to you is something considers too much caring and innovative gesture from your side.

These we have moved cards are creatively beautiful pieces of art that convey your announcement in a more personalized way. It is a fact that no one can beat technology. Several options like e-mail, e-cards, Whatsapp or Facebook messages, have made it so easier to inform others about anything within seconds. Sending a new address card is still not out of fashion. It is an attitude of displaying your care and concern to the people closest to you. This is a way to make them realize that they are so unique to you, and that’s why you are making them a part of your happy moments.

Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind before sending just move card:

Before sending moving card to anyone keep the following points in your mind:

  • Send these new address cards to the closest family members and friends first before breaking the news to everyone. It will be really heartwarming for them to know about your shifting earlier than others.
  • If it is not a work-related or office-related move than inform your boss and co-workers as soon as possible.
  • Never make an announcement on social media before informing about it to your closest ones.
  • At last, make a fun announcement on social media also to make everyone aware of your new home. You can also share the picture of just move card, a selfie in front of your new home. Or you can upload a photo displaying packed and unpacked stuff with loading truck behind you to make this public announcement also an innovative one.

Its time to celebrate:

Moving can be a bittersweet experience, but informing your loved ones to celebrate your shifting can vanish all the tiredness, frustration, and hectic moments of this experience. Never forget to save a new address card as a precious keepsake to remember all the good and little bad memories of your moving affair. understands all the requirements and essentials of creating an impressive moving card. From color options to styling and designing a just move card is a work of complete attention and dedication. knows your feelings and sentiments attach with this moving announcement that’s why provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.